Welcome to the DoJiggy Pledge Paypal Demo


This site is dedicated for PayPal testing, and will allow you to demo the interface between your DoJiggy Pledge site and PayPal.  In order to test this feature, you may register as a participant or make a pledge to any registered participant. You will be taken to PayPal for final payment details, and if you complete the payment, it will return you to this site.

NOTE: This is a LIVE SITE and will process all major credit cards. If you do not wish for your credit card to be billed, Do NOT complete the full transaction once you have reached the PayPal site. If you wish to complete the full registration process, your credit card will only be billed $.01.

The DoJiggy system requires a minimum Pledge or Donation amount of $5.00, so please do not complete the full pledge transaction on PayPal.